Financial Development


Building churches and schools in Southeastern California to reveal Jesus to family and friends.

For Church and Church School Building Projects:

  • See Classes/Seminars for PowerPoint presentation "Financial Development" for a practical presentation on the "nuts and bolts" of fund raising.  Also, see the Commitment Department for the PowerPoint presentation "Social Capital" which emphasizes options of gifting to the church instead of to governmental taxing. 
  • See the SECC Treasurer's Department for the building policies and procedures governing the building of new churches and schools in Southeastern California Conference.   Also, ask the Treasurer or the Commitment Director about a fund raiser for your building project, if you need a reference to one. 

  • See the SECC Conference Building Superintendent (Ken Jones) for help in getting your buildings built according to code, and to help keep cost factors down while keeping the quality of the building high.  Carpet, pews, and other supplies are available through the Building Department. 

  • See the SECC Associate Treasurer,  (Tim Rawson) and the Building Superintendent (Ken Jones) before entering into any purchasing agreement for any land for building projects.

  • See the SECC Property & Trust Services Department for the development of a long term coordinated deferred gifting program for your church or church school to help with expanding building needs.   See below for more information.  

For Church and Church School Projects:

  • See the SECC Education and Commitment Departments about a coordinated  Educational Endowment program for your church school for raising present and  deferred gifts.  Also, see Classes/Seminars, this site, for the PowerPoint presentation, "Educational Endowment", available for development purposes.    

  • See the SECC Property & Trust Services Department for the development of long term coordinated deferred gifting programs for your church and church school to help with expanding  operational, student aid, and special project needs.  

          The program basics are:    (1)  The church or church school will appoint a local development  representative.  (2)  Property & Trust Services will help develop and initiate a present and deferred gifting program.  (3)  Property & Trust Services will then help with developing any gift where legal help is needed by making legal services available.  (4)  Property & Trust Services currently keeps many deferred gifting documents in its vault until distribution of the deferred gift becomes necessary.  

Did you know?  That almost three fourths of $1M was given through deferred gifting to one church in Southeastern California Conference (SECC) from just one non Adventist source?  Also, that the largest single deferred gift to SECC from a non Adventist was $26M?  Did you know that both gifts were apparently given by persons grateful to Adventists for their love shown to the benefactors?